The Ozarks Literacy Council provides reading support throughout the Ozarks. Join us in our mission to establish a community of confidently literate individuals.

The Ozarks Literacy Council seeks to proactively prevent illiteracy. If you or someone you know needs literacy help, contact us today to learn about our literacy programs.

Be an advocate for ProLiteracy. Volunteer today and help the Ozarks Literacy Council work to provide reading support in the community.

Donate today to support literacy education in the Ozarks. Your donations help the Ozarks Literacy Council raise awareness and support community outreach and advocacy efforts.

The Ozarks Literacy Council in Springfield, MO

Come Read With Us

Literacy advocacy is at the heart of what the Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) believes. Every person can be a reader; every person has a story. At the OLC, we want to help you make your own success story. Through community outreach, reading advocacy efforts, literacy education and one-on-one tutoring, the OLC helps prevent illiteracy in Springfield, MO and the surrounding community.

The Ozark Literacy Council's Mission

The Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) strives to raise awareness and promote literacy by offering free one-on-one tutoring to improve reading and writing skills. The OLC will also provide literacy education about the importance of reading through classes, presentations, and literature while providing free books to children in the Ozarks.

Support Literacy Education;

Be an OLC Volunteer in Springfield, Missouri

The OLC counts on active volunteers to put our mission into action. Volunteers are needed for readers of all ages. Whether it's working one-on-one with a learner or sharing a story to a classroom of children, we appreciate every page our volunteers help turn.

Get Involved - Volunteer

Learn more about how you can help volunteer to the Ozarks Literacy Council.