Amanda Jones


Volunteer Spotlight

Amanda Jones

Q1: How long have you been a volunteer for Ozarks Literacy Council?

I’ve been volunteering for OLC since the fall of 2012.

Q2: What do you do as a volunteer with Ozarks Literacy Council?

I volunteered with the pre-literacy program for three years and have participated as a literacy tutor since 2013.

Q3: What brought you as a volunteer to Ozarks Literacy Council?

I had been aware of OLC as an organization for many years and knew it was a great cause.  I found out a coworker was on the OLC Board and after getting information from her, I finally signed up and am very glad I did.

Q4: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering? Please share with us if you are employed, what your hobbies are, etc.

I work for the Springfield Fire Department as an administrative assistant. I love to read, travel, and hit the Ozarks Greenways with my husband and our dog, Jasper.  I am a runner and also a volunteer coach with a local Couch to 5k running group.

Q5: What is your favorite book?

The English Patient by Michael Ondaajte.

 Q6: What’s been your fondest memory as a volunteer with Ozarks Literacy Council?

It’s very exciting to see someone “get” an area they’ve struggled with and to watch their confidence build.

Q7: Why is literacy important to you?

I recently visited France, knowing very little French. It was an amazing trip, but, until I returned home, I didn’t realize how very stressful it had been to be unable to read in the environment around me. Literacy empowers communication, knowledge, opportunities, relationships, and well-being. The ability to read and write equals knowledge, self-empowerment and independence. Literacy enhances our community as a whole, there’s only benefit.


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