Ozarks Literacy Council offers free programs (One-to-One Tutoring, Preschool Readings, and book distributions) to raise awareness and promote literacy. 

Ozarks Literacy Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting literacy by providing free resources and services to adults and children in Southwest Missouri since 1968.

Low Literacy

The ability to read and understand basic texts is vital in modern society. One in five adults in the United States have low English literacy skills. –National Center For Education Statistics Data Point – July 2019

School Drop Outs

A long-term study found that students who were not proficient in reading by the end of third grade were four times more likely to drop out of high school than proficient readers. –National Center For Education Statistics Data Point – July 2019

Low Test Scores

Test score data from Oct. 2019 shows 51% of students in Missouri’s public and charter schools are not proficient in English/Language Arts. – The Missouri Department of Elementary And Secondary Education

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For more than a year, I have been a volunteer through the Ozarks Literacy Committee. This opportunity has been and is an incredible addition in my life! The Ozark Literacy Council Volunteer services encourage students to improve reading fluency, how to decode and understand difficult words, increase reading fluency and comprehension. I am so gratified to be a part of this process in a student’s life in watching them grow in self-confidence and abilities to read and understand what they are reading! The Ozarks Council continues to teach volunteers how to mentor struggling readers with the materials provided. I encourage anyone interested in inspiring and encouraging readers through the Ozarks Literacy Committee.
Amazing Tutor
By increasing my literacy skills everything is better. I am doing better than I ever have before. It’s like being born again. I can now sit down and gather what is needed in life.
Tutored Student
Kate was at a K reading level in 2nd grade when she got a tutor. She is now in grade 3 and doing the middle school reading program for SPS. I’m amazed that she has gone from end of K to grade 6 in about 18 months. Thank you for your program, it has made a difference.
Student Parent

How will one to one tutoring help your child?

How do one to one learning systems benefit children?

We can all agree upon the fact that every child learns at their own pace. However, the traditional methods of education do not cater to student’s needs individually that is why you will see many of the students lagging in their classes, and parents are compelled to opt for homeschooling children or finding them a tutor. One to one learning system, however, is beneficial for all categories of students. As the name suggests, one to one learning involves teacher’s interaction with every single student individually and is found to be more effective as it gives the students the liberty to learn at their own pace as per their abilities. Here is how one to one instruction is beneficial for your children and can polish their learning skills:

Comfortable Learning Environment:

In one to one learning classrooms, students are able to communicate their ambiguities and difficulties to the instructors without fear of being mocked. Getting personal attention from the instructor makes them feel more confidant and they feel heard. Likewise, the instructor is bound to help students individually which creates a comfortable learning environment for the students. One to one learning method is highly beneficial to boost up your child’s confidence and enables them to learn more effectively. 

Closely Monitored Progress:

In one to one learning classrooms, it is easy for the instructors to keep a close check on student’s progress in every subject individually. Even if the student does not volunteer to answer or participate in class, the teacher can evaluate a student’s progress and level of understanding by interacting with them individually. This is beneficial for the child as well, even though he might not be able to communicate his difficulties, the instructor can make sure to take care of it and make the changes in teaching methods or will adjust lessons plans as per student’s learning pace. 

Boosting Up Self Confidence:

We find several students in each class who are reluctant to speak up or participate in class because they are shy or are afraid of being bullied by the students who often overshadow them. Such students often lose their confidence in the traditional learning method and end up dropping out of the schools. One to one learning is highly recommended for such students. Other than making them ace in their studies, it helps them to become self-sufficient and they become more confident by learning to interact with the instructor directly. They become more self-reliant and learn to speak up and vocalize their difficulties, thus, make one to one learning beneficial for self-grooming of children. 

Fewer Distractions:

In traditional classrooms, there are so many children and it often hard for the instructor to keep the decorum of the classroom intact. Such an environment is distracting for students. In one to one learning classrooms, the number of students is either less or there aren’t any other than the student and instructor, thus, it creates a peaceful learning environment where there are absolutely no distractions. Students are able to pay more attention to their studies and are more likely to perform well in their exams and assignments. 

Better Mental Health:

One to one learning creates a healthy and stress-free environment for the students. Some children often feel it hard to ask questions or participate in class discussions due to fear of embarrassment. However, in one to one learning, there is no such pressure, and students are free to speak and communicate with the instructor. Having a stress-free environment lets the children focus more on their studies thus, lessening the burden on their mind that ultimately results in better mental health.   

No Fear of Missing Out:

Unlike traditional classrooms, one to one learning classrooms cannot go on until the student is present. You won’t have of missing out on the lecture or won’t have to worry about the fact that you have to get the notes or ask someone for help to get along with the lesson. One to one learning is all about the students and cannot be continued if the student does not show up. 

One to one learning setting is highly beneficial for the students and cater to all of their needs. From making them improve in their studies to enabling them to communicate with their instructors, students learn to be their best without any peer pressure. One to one learning is surely the best option for a kid who is facing difficulty to cope with traditional learning methods. 

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